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The HTTP request scheduler.

Send HTTP requests periodically, and receive notifications based on response condition.

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Flexible schedule

Trigger HTTP requests up to 60 times per hour, via fixed interval or cron expression. Whether you want to actively monitor your website, or trigger your business API once per day, we have a schedule for you.

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Customizable notifications

Send rule-based notifications via email, SMS, Slack, or custom HTTP request. You can create rules for response status code, response headers, and response body. JSON path expression and CSS selector are supported to extract data from response body.

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Interactive data analytics

Generate time charts to analyze task execution data such as response time and specific property in JSON response body.

$ 0

per month

5 web tasks

1,000 monthly email notifications

Unlimited Slack notifications

200 task execution history

Start for free
$ 29

per month

10 web tasks

10,000 monthly email notifications

Unlimited Slack/HTTP notifications

100 monthly SMS notifications

2,000 task execution history

Upgrade to Standard
$ 99

per month

50 web tasks

20,000 monthly email notifications

Unlimited Slack/HTTP notifications

1,000 monthly SMS notifications

20,000 task execution history

Upgrade to Business

How do I get in touch with iHook support?

In case you need any help, please email us at support@ihook.us.


What happens if iHook goes down?

We build iHook with high availability in mind – each server is deployed with redundancy, with no planned downtime during service maintenance and upgrade. If a service issue occurred, we will post it at https://ihook.statuspage.io.


Is my information secure?

We take privacy and data security seriously at iHook. We implement responsible technical controls that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of your content.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you decided to cancel your paid plan, you can do it at any time from your account page by switching to the free plan. You will only be charged based on your usage before the switch.

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